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Our Team

BrEAST Data Centre activities are managed by:

Dr. Martine Piccart (MD-PhD), the BrEAST Chair has the scientific leadership of the clinical studies managed by the BrEAST team and is committed to the success of the study. Dr. Piccart is responsible for the scientific integrity of the studies and ensures that the risk and benefit ratio for the patients is at the highest standards requested by the applicable regulations.

Dr. Evandro de Azambuja (MD-PhD), the BrEAST Medical Director is responsible for the initial assessment of the medical value/feasibility of pharmaceutical sponsored neo-adjuvant and adjuvant studies. Dr. de Azambuja is the primary medical contact for the pharmaceutical companies sponsoring the studies.

Ms. Veerle Van Dooren is the BrEAST Global Operations Leader and is responsible for overseeing all projects from preliminary discussions to final analyses and/or study closures, including team and workflow management.

Since June 2014 the BrEAST Data Centre joined the Institut Jules Bordet Clinical Trials Support unit (IJB-CTSU) as data management unit. This unit is responsible for the data management activities implemented on studies managed by the IJB-CTSU. More detailed information about the IJB-CTSU is available on https://ctc.bordet.be.